Skills Monkeys

A group of expert monkeys working together to build a civilized jungle. 

Skills Monkeys

Deep in the lush and vibrant Jungle City, the "Skills Monkeys" lived in harmony, each endowed with unique talents that made them exceptional. From the agile Monkey Marlo, an expert in telekinesis, to the ancient wisdom of the wise Monkey Maya in natural medicine, all contributed their skills to the well-being of their community. 

 However, their peaceful existence was threatened when an evil alien-gorilla named Zorthak learned of their abilities. Zorthak, with his imposing spaceship, planned to kidnap the Monkeys to extract their skills and imprison them in intergalactic cages.

 Despite the community's efforts to protect themselves, Zorthak managed to capture the Monkeys, taking them on his ship into the unknown. Once on board, he began the extraction process.

Help the Skill Monkeys get rid of the evil Zorthak by choosing how many to release during the minting and also by unlocking their skills.  




Zorthack, the nefarious alien-gorilla from the sinister realm of Xenorath, stands as a formidable force. His towering physique, a fusion of primal gorilla strength and extraterrestrial prowess, conceals a malevolent intellect. 
Driven by an insatiable hunger for power, Zorthack seeks to extract the abilities of monkeys from various planets. 

ZorthackĀ“s Ship

Zorthack's ship is a menacing, sleek vessel from the shadows of Xenorath's advanced civilization. With a dark, angular design and green pulsing lights. Adorned with arcane symbols and formidable armaments, this ship harnesses an enigmatic energy source, allowing Zorthack to traverse galaxies and strike fear across the cosmos.


 The following are skills that you can acquire and trade to give and restore power to your monkey so that it becomes a Skill Monkey again.

Telekinesis, grants the power to move objects with the mind, grants unparalleled manipulation of the environment.

Pyrokinesis allows command and manipulate fire at will, wielding it as a destructive force against adversaries.

Invisibility grants the ability to render himself unseen, moving undetected through the shadows.

Teleportation grants  the power to instantaneously transport himself across vast distances, allowing for swift and unexpected maneuvers.

Chronokinesis: This power grants control over time, allowing manipulation of the temporal flow.