Season 2

 Deep in the depths of Zorthak's spaceship, the imprisoned Skill Monkeys were stripped of their unique abilities, known as "bananas," which had once made them exceptional. These bananas were stored in a secure vault onboard the ship, waiting to be exploited by Zorthak for his nefarious plans.

As Zorthak gloated over his success, he accessed the vault containing the bananas and, through his dark experiments, infused them with a mysterious energy that granted them incredible powers. The bananas, now imbued with life and consciousness, became sentient entities with abilities beyond imagination.

Meanwhile, the imprisoned Skill Monkeys, though deprived of their original skills, remained determined to thwart Zorthak's plans and regain their freedom. With the help of a sympathetic alien within Zorthak's ranks, they orchestrated a daring escape plan.

During the chaos of their escape, the Skill Monkeys encountered the now sentient bananas, which recognized their former hosts and pledged their allegiance to them. United once again, the Skill Monkeys and their empowered bananas launched a rebellion against Zorthak's forces. 

Get your banana for your monkey soon (April) and equip yourself to continue this battle against Zorthack